Safe & Walkable Meeting Minutes 11/12/13


Meeting:  Safe & Walkable Hillside   Coalition

Date:  11/12/13

Time: 5:00 PM

Location:  Grant Rec Center

Facilitator:  Josh Gorham

Recorder: Josh   Gorham


Agenda Item


Action Taken

Safe Routes

Myers Wilkins Elementary   School will initiate a Safe Routes to School Program in January 2014.

Representatives from the   Safe & Walkable Hillside Coalition are needed to be a part of the Myers   Wilkins Safe Routes team. Speak with Josh Gorham if you are interested. Two   to three representatives would be ideal.

Bikeways Plan

The Duluth Bikeways Plan   was shared. The period for commentary will run through December 1st.  

Comments   are being taken through December 1, 2013. There are several ways to get   involved:

Attend the Public Meeting

Wednesday,   November 13, 2013

6:00   to 8:00 p.m.

Clyde   Iron

2920   West Michigan Street

View Map and Comment Online

Go   to   to review the map and take the public comment survey.

Contact Us Directly

Call   or email MIC Senior Planner James Gittemeier at (218) 529-7556 or

See   the attached flyer and our Facebook page for more details — and forward   this email to others who might be interested!


Snow Removal

The issue of snow removal   from sidewalks was discussed.

-Josh will meet with Cheryl   Skafte to discuss a potential volunteer shoveling program and use of PSAs

-engaging volunteers from   UMD was suggested, Josh will share this idea with Cheryl Skafte

-the sidewalk on the upper   side of 8th Street from the Chester Bridge to 14th Ave   East receives a lot of extra snow from plows and is never cleared

-issue of enforcing snow   removal at rental properties also brought up

-Josh will identify the   system within the City of Duluth to work on snow removal issues related to 8th/9th   Street and for rental properties and will make available to coalition to   share in the community

-Morris Levy has agreed to   partake in the snow removal work group with Josh

Spring Clean Up

Mona inquired with the   group to see if people were still interested in leading a spring clean-up.   Feedback was supportive. Building on last year and fostering some stronger collaboration   with community churches and other organizations would be helpful.

Josh will   share that the Safe and Walkable Hillside is interested in leading this event   with Cheryl Skafte

-anticipate a work group to   plan this event assembling in February or March

Leadership Committee

The idea of a leadership   committee to help lead the coalition was discussed. A team of 3-5 coalition   members will comprise the leadership team, and will assist Josh by providing   feedback on decisions and the future work of the group.

-Mona Cheslak and Sharon   Murphy have volunteered to be on the leadership committee.

10th Ave East

Discussed progress on 10th   Ave East. Below 5th Street will be completed next summer. General   consensus is that this area is relatively walkable and bikeable. Above 5th   Street, this is not the case.

-Josh will consult with   James of the MIC for some technical assistance on the topic.

-Coalition will be kept   aware of public meetings regarding 10th Street and other   infrastructure projects going forward.

Next Meeting

December 10th,   5:00 PM Location to be determined